The varied and fast growth taking place nowadays on so many different areas and parts of science has resulted into the direct and continuous creation of new and constantly altered data and balances which affect inevitably both directly and indirectly the area of the construction, generating in this way new technological achievements and challenges, which we attempt to have an overall understanding, having as goal their application, using them to the maximum and ultimately introducing them into our everyday lives. Our target, which is the unending improvement of everybody’s life quality, has been a source of inspiration and a challenge the same time for Peri-Ergon.

All of us take an active role to the constantly altering and vibrant reality, suggesting fresh architectural solutions, through seriousness, valuable experience of the past, the respect towards environment, the knowledge and the appreciation of the present and the horizons of the future.

Today, more than ever, the new data create a field which is constantly changing. Towards this creative instability, architecture is inevitably completely synchronized with the constantly changing environment. In Peri-Ergon we design flexible buildings ready to respond to the modern needs, the environmental conditions and the human relationships. Modern technology is embodied to the use of the building, while the new materials, supplied to the sector of construction are of vital importance elements in modern architecture. The thoughtful use of light constitutes the catalyst of the team’s inspiration.

Peri-Ergon has concretely proven over time that has guarantees and that is able to cover with strict qualitative criteria, solvency, consistency, respect and effectiveness totally any kind of request and need regarding the study, construction, renovation, any kind of size building project, as well as the supply of advisory services, both before their completion during their construction as well as their viability.

Our human resources are consisted by architects, civil engineers, economists and technicians of all grades who are able to investigate in real time any kind of need which arises from many different point of views and address them with direct, modern, functional and viable solutions which will last over time.

Peri-Ergon since 1985 studies and constructs projects with point of view and character.

Stelios Ragkousis has studied architecture and is a graduate of the University of Venice Facolta di Architettura di Venezia.

Jenny Mihalopoulou has studied architecture and is a graduate of the Architecture Department of the Polytechnical School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and is a graduate of the University of Venice Facolta di Architettura di Venezia.

Both of them are active members of the Technical Chamber of Greece and architectural Engineers

Stelios Ragkousis and Jenny Mihalopoulou are architectural engineers, with knowledge and respect towards environment lead their experienced team to the creation of modern projects.

With timeless axial characteristic the continuous update to the global tensions of architecture and the latest technologies to the construction sector, Peri-Ergon supplies completed solutions having in mind the needs of the client.

Over 30 years after, the team of Peri-Ergon is boosted with young blood, embodied to the leading team are the architect Thanasis Ragkousis, graduate of the Architectural Department of Central Saint Martins University of London and University of Nicosia, who is mostly dealing with the design of projects and the economist Maria Ragkousi graduate of the University of Peloponnese, who is mostly dealing with and specialized to the financial management of the projects.

With fully equipped offices in Kifissia and in Paros Peri-Ergon is specialized in studies and constructions of :

  • Private projects
  • Luxurious urban and holiday residencies
  • Hotel complexes
  • Commercial shops and business properties
  • Restaurants and entertainment venues

Peri-Ergon deals also with:

  • Real estate utilization
  • Property valuations
  • Consultant services
  • Supply of credentials of energy inspection

A characteristic of Peri-Ergon is the creation of diachronic relationships of trust and the dedication of its customers, who appreciate the effectiveness, the speed and the focus to the target.

The human resources of Peri-Ergon are consisted of:

  • Members
  •  Of the Technical Chamber of Greece
  • Of the Club of the architects
  • In Committees of Urban and Architectural Control – Council of Planning Housing Estate and Environment
  • In Councils of Architecture
  • Verified controller builders
  • Energy inspectors

Works of Peri-Ergon have been chosen and published both to the Greek and the international press.